Furniture restoration services

Upholsterer at work on a sofa to be restored
Removing the fabric

In the image we see one of our expert upholsterers restoring a sofa. The first step, which we see in the photo, is removing the old fabric and cleaning the skeleton of the sofa.

Fabric application

Above we can see the application of the new fabric to the armchair. The fabric is applied with a lot of care and attention thinking of the stress that it will be subjected to.

Pillow padding
Pillow padding

Pillow padding is very important during restoration work. The pillow is the part that tends more to be scrambled, having to bear loads and rubbing.

Two newly restored armchairs
Restored armchairs

The restoration is finished. The armchairs have received the new fabrics, have been cleaned and disinfected. The restoration has given the two armchairs a new and pleasant appearance.

Other services

  • Craft services and supply of accessories

    Thanks to our identity as artisans, we are able to provide a broad range of services that go beyond the mere purchase of a furniture item. In addition to our extensive know-how as manufactures and our 7,000 square metres of exhibition space, we can guarantee our customers some extra services, which range from the supply of Italian marble to dedicated transportation.

  • Marble artisanship for kitchen, bathrooms and floors

    As professional craftsmen, we are required to meet our clients' needs in the best way possible, because it is the only way that we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Each customer request is evaluated individually and is processed respecting the customer’s individual characteristics and needs. Through our cooperation with other skilled artisans, we aim to supply marble for full-scale kitchens and bathrooms, flooring or even for artistic sculptures.

  • Curtains and upholstery for pillow, chairs, sofas and armchairs

    We can supply fabrics of any kind of material and design, both for the upholstery of sofas, chairs and armchairs as well as for the production of curtains or pillows.

  • Glass supplies. Chandeliers and decorative elements

    In addition to marble we offer glass supplies: from chandeliers to simple decorative ornaments. We offer the possibility, for both marble and glass, to select the material and color that you like. For quite some years now, we have been offering our customers the service of restoring furniture items they already own. As part of the restoration, we also offer customers the option of cleaning and repairing their canvases and paintings.

Services of restoration of furnishings, canvases and paintings

Painting of the 600 before being restored

In the image we see a painting of 600 before the restoration works. In evidence blurring of colors, stretch marks and tearing of a few centimeters.

Painting of the 600 before being restored

Above the painting after the restoration work. We have equipped it with a gold lacquered frame after reviving the colors and resolving the temporal and physical damages. How about?

Il momento in cui il mobile viene decorato a mano

Here is the moment in which the artist draws the piece of furniture by hand. After having hand painted some leaves on this sideboard, it will apply the gold leaf to the drawing.

Moment in which the gold leaf is applied to the drawing on the cupboard
Application of gold leaf

Some information, in the image above, show the experience of the furniture maker artist when he is applying the gold leaf to the drawing.



    For this service, we rely on professionals in the industry who are exceptionally talented and who have spent years studying at the most prestigious academies of Italian art. As mentioned, in addition to interior decoration, over the years we have also specialised in providing furnishing accessories. Besides supplying marble, chandeliers and sculptures, we can also provide custom paintings.


    Finishing is another service we offer to our customers as part of the supply of art furniture. The customer can choose between a polished finish in walnut or a more or less complex lacquered finish. If the customer opts for a polished walnut finish, we offer a wide range of (dark or bright) shades that will depend on the type of wood used to create the furniture item.


    Each item is handmade by expert craftsmen to ensure that our customers receive the best quality possible. We can also supply the finishes of furniture purchased from third-party manufacturers in their raw state. The only thing that we ask is that the raw piece be delivered to our factory by the customer (we will not take care of collecting the furniture item from the manufacturer).


    Packaging is another quality service we provide to our customers. In 56 years of experience in the field, we are proud to say that we have never received a single complaint due to the breakage of the furniture during transportation. Over the years, we have increasingly specialised in the selection of the best-suited materials we then use to package our goods. Shipping and delivery.


Classic Shabby Chic wardrobe with 2 doors
2 doors wardrobe

Shabby chic wardrobe with two doors from one of our restorations.

Sommacal Store
Convex cantonal corner in cherry wood with a door and a drawer
Cherry corner

built in solid cherry wood and polished with wick in lacquer. It is for sale in our online store.

Sommacal Store
Makeup dressing-tables for lady with stool
Toelétte with stool

Every woman's dream! A small make-up toelétte with mirror and stool.

Sommacal Store