Interpretation of interior design projects

Below the environments created with the help of a rendering program following the instructions of our customers.

  • Joung style bedroom

    Bedroom furniture

    The first important element is obviously the bed, the place where we spend long hours sleeping and the star of the whole room. The bed, as an essential element, must be first of all compatible with the size of those who will then use it. For this reason, we specialise in the manufacture of bespoke beds. We specialise in classic beds designed in ranging styles from baroque to art deco.

  • the bedroom

    The bed its size and its style

    The bed, as an essential element, must be first of all compatible with the size of those who will then use it. For this reason, we specialise in the manufacture of bespoke beds. The headboard can take on more classic or modern forms, richer or simpler, depending on the taste and desires of our customer.

  • A dresser adapted as plan for the washbasin


    In the design preview developed for one of our clients, we interpreted his concept of elegance that had to be recreated also in the bathroom. We used a chest of drawers as a sink top, which was later adapted to the purpose it was used for: the basin of the sink is recessed into the top of the chest of drawers, making the first drawer unusable. The other two drawers, on the other hand, can be used, as they are equipped with a self-locking guide system. This system allows the drawer to be pulled out effortlessly and without the risk of it falling off since at a certain point, it automatically locks into place. The marble used for the top is of the Nero Marquina type.

  • A console represented by two angels cherubs


    The console table, designed and created to measure for our customer, consists of a top in cream-coloured botticino marble supported by two sumptuous columns. The cherubim angels that adorn the respective columns are different from each other: all four cherubims play a different musical instrument. The finish used for the console table is a mix of gold and silver. Elegant but having a strong impact, the console table together with the baroque painting creates an entrance that is difficult to forget

  • A belief built around a boiserie


    In this image, in addition to the boiserie, we can see how a credenza with riser has been built into the furniture item. Our client did not want the cupboard to remain an isolated piece of furniture in the whole room: for this reason, he considered the option of building a boiserie around it. The sideboard is part of our standard production so that during the design, it was the boiserie that needed to be adapted to the sideboard with the riser and not vice versa.

  • A sofa with armchairs


    Another interpretation of the living room. The living, also known as the sitting-room, is a place for sharing: it is the room that is used most by a large or small family. In the living room, all the attention is focused on the sofa, that furnishing item that replaces both the bed when it comes to taking short naps and the dining room for the most formal teas or coffees. It is therefore a place in the house to which even those who are not a member of the family easily have access to.

  • A Venetian style sofa


    In the first picture, which shows two sofas of different sizes, we respected the needs of the customer who wanted a double sofa and a three-seater. It is important to specify that for each sofa or armchair manufactured by us, the customer has the option of choosing the type of fabric to use: even when it comes to sofas, we give the opportunity to customise every detail thanks to the skill of our expert upholsterers.

  • A majestic Venetian style sofa


    In this second picture, you can admire a very large and majestic sofa also made to measure for one of our customers. In this case, the central table that served as the fulcrum of the sofa was created at the same time as the sofa so as not to encounter problems with the colour of the finish.

  • A Rococo style double bed


    The bedroom is a personal space that not everyone has easy access to but one that everyone (although it is not a visible place like the kitchen or living room) tends to devote much attention to when decorating it. The headboard can take on more classic or modern forms, richer or simpler, depending on the taste and desires of our customer. We specialise in classic beds designed in ranging styles from baroque to art deco.
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  • Open Space solution. The image shows a classic style veneered sideboard


    In the first image, our client had problems creating a separation between the dining room and the living room: the red of the painting did not sufficiently fill the wall which, being hollow, did not create much of a separation between the two rooms. Our proposal was to include within the environment, which was strictly modern, a sideboard in classic style embellished by the working of the slab. The effect obtained was very pleasing and in the end, our customer was satisfied in having divided the two rooms while maintaining an elegant and refined style. Over time, our growing desire was to propose 'open space’ solutions for housing units: unique and very large rooms that can be divided into separate environments while always remaining all in one room.

  • The dining room


    The dining room is a key space of any home, a room used since ancient times to eat three meals a day. The dining room is now used less frequently because it has been replaced by the kitchen which, in most cases, also includes a smaller and less formal table that allows you to eat meals more quickly.

  • The baroque style dresser


    We developed this rendering design preview at the request of the client because he wanted to see how the furniture would look once completed. The chest of drawers in question develops horizontally, forming pairs of paired drawers. It's a sort of reinterpretation of the classic dresser that usually does not see the juxtaposition of drawers side by side, but rather one under the other. The finish, a white lacquer, is interrupted by the combination of the silver and gold colours that when mixed form a new colour very much in vogue in the furnishing style of recent years.

Projects in detail


    The use of a classic piece of furniture in a generally modern environment is not an illusion of the imagination but, if studied perfectly with the help of the required professionals, one that creates an elegant and refined mix at the same time.

    The bedroom is certainly the most intimate environment of the whole house. The predominance of blue in this beautiful modern setting is interrupted by the chest of drawers in Baroque style that have been entirely handcrafted by us. This setting is just an overview of how the dresser would actually appear in the real environment. What is observed is therefore all fake, while the only real element is the chest of drawers.


    The dining room is now used less frequently because it has been replaced by the kitchen which, in most cases, also includes a smaller and less formal table that allows you to eat meals more quickly.

    The dining room is a quite spacious room that is used when we have guests over or on festive occasions, such as Christmas, where it is customary to have several people seated around the same table. The table is the piece of furniture that is most suited to the traditional purpose of the room. In the first image, the table we see was created using four putto angel heads that give a particular and unusual imprint. The crystal top makes the table light and allows you to see the walnut chairs placed around it.

The living room

    The room that lends itself as an "open space" is always characterised by the presence of the dining room. In all honesty, the client who owns this beautiful property did not intend to use the open space of his home as it is often conceived, i.e. by creating different environments in the same room.

    The need of this customer was to find suitable elements to occupy the long wall of the open space. We initially came up with several proposals, such as the creation of a made-to-measure bookcase or the fitting of showcases with risers. Our last proposal, which is the one shown in the image, was the one that satisfied our customer the most.

  • A cabinet

    The cabinet in a modern environment

    As you can see from the picture, we wanted to immerse the cabinet in a basically modern environment. The result obtained is extraordinary. The cabinet in the photo is part of our production and is a piece of furniture embellished with the art of slabs. Questo metodo di lavorazione del legno impiega molto tempo e molti passaggi: è una lavorazione che va compiuta totalmente a mano e che solo pochi esperti sono in grado di fare.This method of woodworking is an extensive process involving several steps, one that must be carried out entirely by hand and that only a handful of experts are able to master. Panelling is a very old method of woodworking that, unfortunately, is disappearing more and more for two reasons: high labour costs and lack of craftsmen skilled in the technique.

  • The classic style desk in the lawyer Rechtmacher's office


    In this 3D rendering project developed for one of our clients (a lawyer), we have inserted a desk in Louis XV style in a highly modern environment, combined with a Persian carpet that, together, create an eclectic and at the same time refined style. The desk reminds one of the classic lines of a stylish piece of furniture. The processing of the slab creates changes in colour on all sides of the desk. The gold trim along the desk legs may at first glance look like a brass graft applied later on. In reality, in what is a distinctive feature of this piece of art furniture, the faces featured along the legs are made of wood obtained by carving.

  • A classic style Baroque trumeau


    In the first setting, we can see the sophistication and eclectic magnificence that permeates and frames our trumeau. The living space is clearly classical and at times even baroque. The trumeau was originally always purchased in pairs: two identical trumeaus were believed to be necessary to add glitz to the living space. Today, it is perhaps the only art furniture in style that still intrigues people with its own charm.

  • The Trumeau in an environment between classic and modern

    The Trumeau

    In the second setting, on the other hand, what surrounds our rounded trumeau is a purely modern piece of furniture. The mix between modern and classic is provided as an example to show that quite often, it’s possible to mix different styles and still obtain a very pleasing spectacle for the eye.

  • A showcase in Chippendale style blue with two large parrots depicted

    The Chippendale style Showcase

    In this picture, the attention is captured by the blue window that, together with the "Pink Flamingo" window, belongs to the line that is inspired by the themes of nature. The "Pappagalli" (or "Parrots" in English) display cabinet represents a more exotic theme: the blue colour is very reminiscent of the sea while the foliage reminds one of a tropical forest. Located inside a dining room, the "Pappagalli" display cabinet is a perfect piece of furniture to hold special dishes or glasses, ideal for when guests arrive.

  • The Regency Showcase

    The Regency Showcase

    In the new "online shopping" section of our website you will find a wide choice of furniture items, including some that we like to refer to as fancy. An example is our etagere display cabinet that through the use of a special rendering software, we wanted to depict in a bedroom. As you can see, the etegere display cabinet does not have a precise function, while making a wall that was initially white and bare look much more harmonious.
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  • Interpretation of a Flamingo style decor


    The display cabinet "Pink Flamingo" is an example of this. Two flamingos represented while bathing characterise the backdrop of a piece of furniture with simple and squared lines. The glass shelves have been specially designed to ensure that the Trompe-l'oeil is not covered and obscured by the heaviness that wooden shelves can give off. The "Pink Flamingo" cabinet can be found in our e-commerce section and is available for purchase. Showcase flamingo Style



    Having a daring spirit when it comes to furnishing very often may involve stylistic risks that are not to be underestimated.. The use and combination of different colours and styles could lead us to making mistakes that in turn often end up conveying a sense of bad taste or redundancy. The colours, even if different, must always be coordinated with each other and convey a sense of harmony to the eyes of the observer. As part of our furnishing style, we have designed a line that is inspired by the themes of nature.

    The showcase with pink flamingos

    But what if the display cabinet were a piece of furniture to be observed as a peculiar object of its own and not only one for showcasing products? The "Pink Flamingo" display cabinet is an example of this: a piece of furniture not only designed to contain objects but also for decorative purposes. The choice of the yellow colour on the outside was dictated by the desire to make the display cabinet look bright in order to enhance the pair of flamingos on the seabed. The display cabinet consists of a central glass and two other glass panels on the right and left side so as to allow the view of the main subjects from several sides and not only frontally. The "Pink Flamingo" cabinet can be found in our e-commerce section and is available for purchase.
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  • The Marco Polo environment

    The study that goes into the manufacture of a unique furniture item is always guided by the passion that we put into our work: together with our furniture we also sell a piece of the legacy of true Italian craftsmanship. The choice of placing this piece of art furniture in a domestic living room was made specifically to demonstrate that, despite being a refined and unique cabinet, it can also serve as a decorative element against a white wall.

    The decorator

    In order to give life to our customer’s somewhat special request, we considered from the outset the option of painting the item. Based on a detailed study by our qualified decorator, we succeeded in developing the idea that our client had in mind. Each tile depicts a scene from among the most significant ones of "Il Milione". On the sides of the cabinet, Marco Polo has been portrayed in two different positions: on the right side he is portrayed standing, while on the left side he is portrayed riding a camel. Each tile depicts the story's narration in minute detail, as it does also all the characters. The choice of blue as the main colour was suggested by our decorator, in order to prevent the painted tiles from fading into the background because overshadowed by an overly vibrant colour.
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